Ahmedabad dating women

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This counselor deals with the problems in scientific way to help the woman by counseling family members, visiting home, taking police help and finally putting up the case in the court.Women from all over the Gujarat, specially the rural areas approach this center for help.The department promptly acts to prevent child marriages on the basis of information received, in the case of doubtful death, the counselor works in close coordination with police, doctor and legal expert to establish the fact on whether it is a suicide death of homicide.

these cooperatives have gained operational self sufficiency.

The unit prepares different snacks,pickles, khakhara,papad,etc. and sale it through their outlet which is in the Jyotisangh building.

People from all over Gujarat come here to buy these items.

Further, supportive services can be and are themselves a source of self-employment.

For example, midwives charge for their services and creche workers collect fees for taking care of young children.

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