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If you want to patiently and sincerely explain that #Not All Christmas Lovers are like that and you would never, ever do this to a Jewish coworker, this is definitely a day to practice being quiet.

If you’re not like that, then keep doing what you’re doing – you don’t need to justify it to us!

If you grew up celebrating Christmas and have complicated feelings about it now for whatever reason (estranged family, atheism, whatever) you know I hear you and you know I love you but maybe this thread is more of a listening-and-nodding-along thread than a sharing-all-your-thoughts thread. Letter Writer, I hope you got some good suggestions and solidarity.

She committed herself to sexual purity, to high standards, and to waiting for the good Christian man that God was going to bring her.Her Sunday school teachers taught from a very popular book about how dating was unbiblical, and how a truly righteous young Christian man would initiate a courtship with marriage as the goal, working in tandem with the girl's father and the pastor and others in the church body.The heroine of our story observed that as these things were being taught, the level of romantic involvement among her peers at church, not very high to begin with, shrank to practically nonexistent.I don’t know (the) next.” I was supposed to laugh, because he couldn’t get the rest of the lyrics right, but I didn’t…because right there and then, I felt what he was really trying to say. In 10 years of long-distance relationship and five years of marriage, my husband and I have gone through a lot.

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    While the festival has moved into the 21st century, Willie still believes in the old fashioned method of round the table talks with couples and getting the passion flowing by getting them dancing together.

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    Now, the men only have an hour left before the wedding and they have to get cleaned up, so they take their clothes to the cleaners.

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    Caso seja um espírito de energias não muito boas, tém que agir com calma, manter uma certa frieza, para não se deixarem levar pela insegurança do momento (mas se virem que não conseguem lidar com tal força, tentem ignorá-lo e pedir para que ele vá procurar outra pessoa).