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She looked back on nearly a century of local politics.

“We just need to turn some of those Republicans.”At the next stop, a reverend in a collared University of Alabama football T-shirt said he didn’t “do signs,” but that Jones already had his vote. “One man told me he was reluctant to put a yard sign out ‘for security reasons,’ ” Larry said.

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If they didn’t, Larry and Laurie found that it was more effective to say that John Lewis supports Jones than to say that Jones is a Democrat. Issue-wise, voters most often wanted to know about Jones’s position on health care. (One called him “that pedophile.”)Later in the evening, I attended a party a few miles away in Cloverdale, an upper-middle-class neighborhood where a fairly diverse crowd of Jones supporters gathered over cocktails.

Among them was a ninety-nine-year-old Alabamian named Henrietta Mac Guire.

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