Morph 2 faces together online dating

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FORMI IDEAS:- Live the dream by morphing your face with a celebrity's - Select your child's photos and make a great "growing up" effect video- See how much you look like your siblings or parents by morphing some of your pictures together- Morph a friend's face with a chimp's and share it with all your friends..don't let him get any of your photos ;)- Awesome overly-attached-girlfriend present for your boyfriends: your faces morphed together- In a trip?

Select your best selfies with different landscapes backgrounds to make an awesome slideshow- ..creative and share your new Formi idea with the world!

Johnsen, who is known as That Nordic Guy, creates entirely new faces by mish-mashing those that we already know, essentially forming hybrid celebrities that look disconcertingly lifelike.

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The same held true when subjects were exposed to an image of their opposite-sex parent right before the stranger's photograph, but only if the subjects weren't aware of the exposure.For example, higher levels of testosterone are related to masculine face shapes like prominent chins as well as "masculine" personality traits like dominance.Smiles and eyes also often determine how we feel about a person: They're aggressive, charming, playful or depressed.had participants rate 85 married couples' faces for perceived personality traits, going on the premise that "choosing a partner on the basis of similar personality could lead to facial similarity in partners in terms of apparent personality." The conclusion?"Matching was found for several perceived personality traits." While it might not always be fair to judge (hello, Ever notice how older couples tend to look eerily similar?

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