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The navigable portion of the creek itself begins in a shallow cypress swamp some 10 miles upstream from its confluence with the Halifax River.This swamp gives way to a narrow stream that very gradually broadens downstream into Strickland Bay. Many species of wildlife found here are threatened or endangered; paddling a canoe or kayak offers the best chance to move silently on our waters to see them. Sculpted by the sea, the Space Coast features more than 100 miles of high-energy beaches, two natural inlets and a man-made ocean entry, a national seashore, four national wildlife refuges, the nation's most biologically diverse estuary and Florida's longest freshwater river with its associated lakes and marshes.Nestled under tall pines just northwest of the US 1 Bridge, Spruce Creek Park has rest rooms, picnic tables, nature trails and a camping area.There is a canoe launch next to the park's fishing pier, however boats must be dragged quite a distance and it is unusable at low tide (too much mud). "Mosquito Lagoon is one of my favorite places to paddle.Camps are available for a variety of skill levels throughout the year, and always include “kid-approved” projects.

The term "blackwater" refers to tannic acid staining caused by swampy vegetation in the low-lying upper reaches of the creek.As the water courses toward the coast, the associated aquatic habitats gradually change from typical freshwater hardwood forest to freshwater marsh to mangrove shorelines and salt marsh in a classic estuarine ecosystem.The biological diversity and contrast between upstream and downstream habitats in the Spruce Creek watershed make this river an extremely unique natural area that supports a tremendous amount of wildlife. - Other Areas Turnbull Creek Lake Monroe Lake Jessup Econlockhatchee River Pine Island Kaboord Sanctuary Port Canaveral Thousand Islands Oars & Paddles Park Turkey Creek Mullet Creek & Honest John's Canals Sebastian Inlet State Park Pelican Island Stick Marsh & Farm 13 Reservoirs Blue Cypress W. A unique mosaic of ancient coastal dunes and wetland environs spans the landscape, however, water resources are among its most significant assets; the enthusiastic paddler has an abundance of rivers, creeks, lakes, estuaries and coastlines to explore. Geographically located between the temperate and subtropical climatic zones, with two different watersheds and numerous ecological systems, Florida's Space Coast is home to an amazing collection of flora and fauna.

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