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To trace other possible relationships among ancient and recent recipes of alcoholic beverages, from both popular and ‘classic’ (learned) sources in N-C Italy and neighboring areas.The review of herbals and classical pharmacopoeias, and ethnobotanical field work in Alta Valle del Reno (Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, Italy) were followed of a systematic study of ingredients and medicinal uses with multivariate analysis techniques. Traditional recipes from NW Italy, Emilia, and Provence (France).Ripe red apple top notes intermix with honeysuckle and lime followed by citrus and stony mineral like elements. The nose offers up lime, red apple and subtle honeysuckle scents overlaid by hints of kerosene and spice. wine critic, Robert Parker, spellbound [see his review below].With an enlivening freshness to it, flavours of lime, crunchy red apples and a dash of honeysuckle race across the palate over a stony mineral back drop. Long aftertaste of fresh limes, red apples, citrus and faint honeysuckle infused with a stony minerality. Possessing wonderful concentration and volume in the mouth, lime, apple and ripe citrus flavours dominate over traces of honeysuckle and spicy quince. Much to his consternation it was almost impossible to obtain a bottle in the States.A very special Bajan rum, Mount Gay XO is now receiving long-overdue international recognition.Full-flavoured and extremely mellow, with a lingering finish.

Brilliant pale straw colour with green trimmings around the edges and a watery hue. Lime and green apple, intensity and power through the mid-palate, a chalky texture, stony acidity, and a long savoury and tart finish tweaked with a citrus zest and quinine bitterness. Bright pale straw colour with a greenish glimmer around the edges and a watery hue.Produced in the Black Forest in Germany from no less than 47 botanicals (mostly from the region). Bold aromas of pine blossoms, exotic peppercorns, candied lemon and orange peels, sage, and sweet bbq rub with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and a zesty lavender candy, pepper, powdered sugar, and tangerine sorbet finish.Unusual ingredients include blackberry leaves, sloes, honeysuckle, pine shoots, cranberries and lingonberries. The initial perfumed burst is of sweet berry / juniper and assorted fresh citrus peel; further aeration releases pine needle, lavender and clove-like scents. An excellent and unique combination of vibrant citrus, floral, and herbal dimensions. International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal RATING: 93 points (Exceptional) - I am trying to track down for my personal use, an absolutely extraordinary perfumed, intense, silky gin called Monkey 47, which is made in Germany's Black Forest.Although medicinal wines, liqueurs and spirits are recorded in numerous classical herbals and pharmacopoeias in Italy and other countries of Europe these show in terms of formulations and ingredients little influence in the ethnobotanical formulations recorded in Alta Valle del Reno (Italy), they apparently play no role in present ethnobotanical knowledge in Appennino Tosco-Emiliano and similarly in other areas of Italy, France and Austria.No (or very poor) persistence was found of ancient uses, recipes and formulas for medicinal liqueurs from pharmacopoeias and herbals of the 16th century CE in later periods in the formulas in use in the pharmacies of Tuscany.

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